I am Melissa. I am a mid-Michigan based photographer, working with families, children, couples, individuals, newborns.....I am the eyes and ideas behind the camera of Maris K photo. 

I have been in photography professionally since the fall of 2021. I would define myself as an ever-evolving visual artist that has finally found ground in a creative space that feels like where I belong. 

Everything in its right place.  [cue in radiohead]

I have been evolving on my creative journey since college - studying architecture, then starting my own line of handmade sustainable clothing and handbags. I invested in a camera nearly five years ago, to capture more professional images of my products. Since then so much has changed - growing a family, changing cities, and living through a pandemic - that I found myself looking for a new professional direction. 

As a long time visual artist, I trust that I have a purposeful eye for special moments, whether between people or just particular visuals I capture with my eye. I think that is what attracted me to photography, the idea that I can capture everything as I see it and show the world my perspective.  I take no perspective for granted (personally and photographically) and I am on a continuous mission to prove that to myself and to the world, every day. 

I have a spirit for sentimentality and a brain for balance and an undying drive for visual control of everything. My intention is that this personal mental-triangle of mine will prove itself to my client photographically.  

I have always been driven by the desire to be different, to find my own way of doing things. I am here to stand out, but not intimidate, and I feel my work reflects that.

I work with purpose. I am continually questioning my intentions and perspective on what drives me to make the decisions that I do. I find that I have a passion for understanding the connection between emotions and responses both in myself and others. If we can understand why people act/react the way they do, then we can better understand and accept others wholly, not just as the person we expect them to be, but for the person they are. 

I want to create a photo experience for you that reflects that, and I am confident that I can do that for you. 

My photography style is more lifestyle/candid. I will come to the session ready with prompts and conversation starters, but overall I just want to promote and capture an environment where you feel most like yourself. When making an image, I think about the whole frame/scene around you and capture a beautiful balance with consideration of everything within the frame. The outcome provides you with beautiful images that you will treasure forever. 


This photography career is a personal and professional exploration and I'm loving every moment. In this world I have so much to learn yet so much to give, and that is what keeps me going.